Sound equipment
Sound equipment Large selection of acoustic systems for events of any complexity
Lighting equipment
Lighting equipment We offer modern professional lighting equipment
Organization of events
Organization of events The ALT Sound + company holds events and projects throughout Kazakhstan


The company «ALT Sound +» was founded in 1999 by Gridnev Alexander and immediately proved itself in the market of services as a team of professionals of the highest level. The focus in its activity was on cooperation with the world's leading producers of sound, light and video equipment to provide the company's customers with the best quality and latest developments of the world industry in this field. Today ALT Sound + continue holding this high level.

Over the years, an inestimable experience has been gained, a large staff of highly professional technical specialists has been recruited and trained. This allows our company to carry out projects «on a turn-key basis» - from the moment of developing a sketch of arranging and fastening equipment on site to dismantling and technical support during the event.